Sri Lanka President promises de-regulation drive for economic freedom

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s President Rajapaksa said he planned a de-regulation drive to remove permits and regulations which collectively punished everyone and instead bring to book those who broke the rules, in his independence day address.

“We have to re-look at the need to take permits for everything,” Rajapaksa said in his independence day address at the Independent Square.

“We have to quickly enforce the law against the few those who break the rules, instead of collectively punishing the large majority with unnecessary controls.

“We have to give a true freedom for the people to live lawfully and ethically.”

“Regulations, fees and taxes, that prevent the people from engaging in self-employment, traditional occupation must be revised quickly.

“We will remove the unnecessary controls.”

Sri Lanka celebrates ‘Independence Day’ on February 04, when the British Empire formally handed over political control to a domestic leaders elected by the popular vote in 1948.

Sri Lanka has traditionally been an oasis for religious freedom, in a background of Buddhism Rajapaksa said.

He promised all citizens would be allowed to follow the religion of their choice.

Rajapaksa said the media has freedom. He said he welcomed any sincere criticism of any wrongdoings by the government.





All citizens had freedom of thought and speech, he said.

He said there will be no political interference in the rule of law.

“People get freedom from the rule of law,” he said.

He said some were using social media and online presence to create problems for fellow citizens. Their ideas were also ‘instantly’ changed by online information he said.

In power sharing there should be a clear understanding between the centre and other areas he said.

Rajapaksa said he had a view that as the leader he had to serve all citizens, whether they voted him or not, or whichever group they belonged to. (Colombo/Feb04/2020)

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