Sri Lanka President wants tourism sustained in the face of coronavirus spread

President Gotabaya Rajapaksa has highlighted the importance of sustaining the tourism industry in the face of the threat from the global spread of the novel coronavirus disease a press release from the Presidential Secretariat said.

Rajapaksa’s instructions came after a meeting he held with Ministers and officials from the Ministries of Health, Foreign Relations, Tourism and Higher Education in Colombo yesterday.

He also asked health authorities to seek a cure for the novel coronavirus disease from Sri Lankan experts in indigenous and western medicine.

The President commended the team as the first coronavirus victim identified in Sri Lanka is now in stable condition.

The statement said that Sri Lankan doctors were capable of preventing the spread of the disease. The President also reviewed the steps taken to bring back the Sri Lankan students from China, it added.

He also instructed officials to take steps to enhance facilities available at hospitals.

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  1. The dedication of our medical staff at government hospitals has certainly improved. However, the minor staff should show a little more concern to patients and put a stop this racket of encouraging outside medical aids and do their duty. Nevertheless, tourism in this country should not be encouraged to go the way of other destinations where nefarious activities are taking place. We should have and encourage a unique experience to offer the holiday makers. Once we get to the improved point , the industry should organise a contingency fund , manged by the association members to finance any unforeseen issues.

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