Sri Lanka Presidential candidates end campaigning

Anura Kumara Dissanayake, speaking at the last rally in Maharagama. His speech is translated in sign language for hearing impaired people.

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Presidential candidates ended campaigning with the candidates promising a fast growing economy, national security, better jobs, education, and support for industry, agriculture and fisheries

“We will speed up development through a knowledge based export oriented economy, and distribute the benefits of growth to everyone,” Premadasa told a rally in Colombo central, his father Ranasinghe’s Premadasa’s old constituency.

Sri Lanka Podujana Party candidate Gotabaya Rajapaksa pledged to boost security, domestic agriculture and industry.

“We will give first place to national security,” Rajapaksa said. “We have a clear vision for the economy. We have to pay special attention to agriculture. We will protect the domestic farmer, the domestic industrialists.

“Today there is a complex tax system. We will remove unnecessary taxes, cut VAT to 8 percent. We have removed taxes to boost the economy.”

He said tourism was hit by security concerns.

Anura Kumara Dissanyake, who head National People’s Force, a coalition led by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna said he stood for a society where everyone was treated equally.

He slammed both the political groups behind both front runners.

Dissanayake said the Rajapaksa’s ran a family based regime which was defeated by the people in 2015. But the next administration had turned its back on the mandate he said.

Dissanayake said his party carried the same message to the North East and South. His party would help disabled. Though there were laws, disabled could not access government departments, he said.





Mahesh Senanayake, a former army commander standing from the newly formed National Peoples Movement said he will not make false promises to give anything free, but will create a country with prosperity and freedom.

Senananyaka said that he is more qualified to boost the national security of the country than other candidates and take the country forward by developing economy and standards of living of the people in the country.

His international policy will be independent and not aligned to any country.


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