Sri Lanka President’s press office twitter ‘compromised’

ECONOMYNEXT – President Maithripala Sirisena’s press office announced Tuesday that their official twitter account had been "compromised," but was “recovered” shortly afterwards.

The press office handle known as @PMDNewsGov  issued a bizarre message  praising their boss and at the same time offering some practical advise on delivery.

"You are a wonderful speaker. But how do you ensure they turn into action. Show by doing," said the tweet which was deleted within a few minutes after a journalist colleague spotted the rare gem, snapped s screen shot and tweeted it.

The claim of the president’s media division (PMD) twitter account being “compromised” was announced after the embarrassing slip up.

The Press office said it was investigating the incident. It is believed that some who work for the PMD may also be posting replies to the President’s tweets to place their boss in a positive light.

Tuesday’s slip up may have been as result of using the wrong twitter handle to boost positive comments for the president who has ben taking a lot of social media flak in recent months,  an official who was previously involved with the PMD said. (COLOMBO, May 8, 2018)

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