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Sri Lanka prospective hybrid car owners say relief only benefits some

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Importers of hybrid cars who were given relief from a sudden tax hike say only some will benefit as many cars are in ships that will dock in Sri Lanka after a cut-off date of February 28.

Though the finance ministry allowed cars where letters of credit was opened before a January 29 tax hike to be brought into the country at the old rate, a Treasury circular has limited the benefit only to cars cleared from port before February 28.

Those who ordered cars say many of the vehicles are still in ships which will only reach Sri Lanka in the month of March.

The relief has been offered to prospective owners who clear the cars before February 29 paying the full tax and a refund is given if the cars are registered before March 16.

The cars also cannot be transferred to anyone else for four years.

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