Sri Lanka publishes constitutional amendment on electoral reforms

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka’s government has published the gazette notification on the 20th Amendment to the Constitution providing for crucial electoral reforms ahead of the expected dissolution of Parliament and general elections later this year.

The number of parliamentarians are to be raised to 237 from the present 225, with 145 members to directly represent all the polling divisions elected under the first past the post system.

Another 37 members are to be nominated on a ‘national list’ from among recognized political parties and independent groups contesting general elections.

The proposed reforms, approved by the Cabinet of ministers, also provide for a ‘Delimitation Commission’ which will re-demarcate polling divisions and create multi-member electorates to ensure better representation of minority Tamil and Muslim constituencies.

A five-member Delimitation Commission is to be set up within a period of three months of the reforms being approved by parliament for the delimitation of electoral districts and polling divisions.

In creating multi member polling division divisions, the maximum number of members to be returned directly by a multimember polling division shall not exceed three.

The Delimitation Commission must ensure that the number of multi member polling divisions created shall be kept to a minimum.

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