Sri Lanka raises petrol to Rs138 a litre, diesel unchanged

ECONOMYNEXT – SrI Lanka has raised the price of petrol by 2 rupees to 138 rupees a litre but keeping the more expensive diesel fuel unchanged at a lower 104 rupees a litre, by keeping taxes down.

Octane 95 petrol has been raised 04 rupees to 163 rupees a litre.

Super diesel has been raised 3 rupees to 134 rupees a litre.

Misled by European-style interventionists Sri Lanka is planning to slap a carbon tax on petrol cars despite subsidizing diesel by keeping taxes down.

Diesel fumes are now classified as a Group 1 carcinogen.

One litre of diesel typically weights 835 grams of which 86.2 percent (720 grams) is carbon.

One litre of petrol typically weighs 750 grams of which 87 percent or 652 grams is carbon, working out to about 2.3 kilograms of carbon dioxide for a litre of petrol and 2.7 kilograms for a litre of diesel. (Colombo/Aug13/2019)

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