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Sri Lanka raises workmen’s compensation to Rs2.0mn

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will almost double the compensation limit paid to workers in the case of death or permanent disability to 2.0 million rupees under proposed legal changes approved by the cabinet of ministers.

The current compensation range from 196,083.80 rupees to 550,000 rupees (based on salary) for permanent disability will be raised to 1.2 million to 2.0 million rupees, the state information office said.

The current compensation for death from 181,665 rupees to 550,000 will be raised to 1.14 million rupees to 2.0 million rupees.

The task of confiscating property to pay compensation would be assigned to the fiscal/registrar of the Commissioner of Compensation.

The changes are in line with the current administration’s policy framework.

Sri Lanka’s Workmen’s Compensation Ordinance dates back to 1934 when the island was under British rule. (Colombo/Oct07/2020)

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