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Sri Lanka returnee confirmed with Coronavirus in Colombo home quarantine

ECONOMYNEXT – A Sri Lanka sea marshal, who was in home quarantine after completing a 14-days a quarantine centre upon returning to the country had been diagnosed with Coronavirus on July 02.

The sea guard marshal returned from India.

“After the arrival, he was subjected to a 14-day compulsory quarantine period…,” the state information office said quoting the head of Sri Lanka’s health service Anil Jasinghe.

“He was then subjected to a 14-day quarantine period at his home in Piththupitiya, Colombo

“He has been diagnosed as a Covid-19 patient at a PCR test conducted during this home quarantine period.”

Sri Lanka has successfully controlled Coronavirus spread and the country is almost normal, though everyone has been asked to wear masks and social distancing is in force.

Sri Lanka had confirmed 2,066 Covid-19 cases by 2000 hours on July 2 with 12 new cases found during the day.

Up to the morning of July 02, Sri Lanka had confirmed 7 new cases, involving six foreign returnees and one person linked to a Navy cluster.

Sri Lanka has not had any domestic cases outside of the Navy cluster since April 30.

The latest confirmation is technically a foreign index case, which will require his contacts to be isolated and tested.





“All the security measures that are to be taken in this situation will be taken by the respective parties,” the state information office said.

Authorities later found that the ‘home quarantined’ person had 154 contacts, who were then quarantined.

Though Coronavirus has an incubation period of 14 days some can take longer to develop the disease or have sufficient viral load to trigger a positive test.

There is also a possibility of a person becoming infected in quarantine though care is taken to avoid such situations. (Colombo/July02/2020 – Updated II)

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