Sri Lanka rupee opens wider, markets quiet ahead of Christmas

ECONOMYNET – Sri Lanka’s rupee was quoted wide at 181.20/60 to the US dollar in the spot market from Fridays 181.30/40 percent in morning trade while bond markets were quiet ahead of Christmas, dealers said.

The spot had weakened slightly over the week.

In money markets overnight money was quoted 8.95/9.00 percent and in the repo was quoted 8.95/98 percent.

In December there is a seasonal liquidity demand.

Bonds were quiet with no active trading ahead of the Christmas day holiday.

The 12 month bills were quote around 10.80/11.00 percent down from the last action of 11.20 percent. There is no bill auction this week.

The 15.12.2021 bond, was quoted at 11.45/55 percent Monday, about the same from Friday’s close of 11.48/52 percent.

The 01.08.2026 bond was quoted around at 11.65/11.75 percent around the same levels from Friday’s 11.65/75 percent. (Colombo/Dec24/2018)

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