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Friday July 1st, 2022

Sri Lanka scheduled power cuts Feb 21: two hours from 430pm

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will have one our rolling power cuts from 4.30pm after exams for school children end and three hour cuts in the Southern grid, officials said as a drought and forex shortages hit electricity generation.

Initially power cuts were earlier expected from 0830hours.

Andrew Navamani, the spokesman for the CEB told reporters, that taking into consideration the request made by the department of examinations, in view of the ongoing GCE Advanced Level Examinations, CEB will make every effort to maintain an uninterrupted electricity supply during the day, despite the severely depleted hydro reservoirs and unpredictable fuel supply for the thermal plants.

Public Utilities Commission of Sri Lanka Chairman Janaka Ratnayake said there will be on hour power cuts island-wide and three hour power cuts in the Southern grid.

“There are technical issues in the Southern grid,” he said.

However later in the day the PUCSL published a schedule from 430pm to 2230 pm with two hours of power cuts for all regions.

The power shedding Schedule 


Sri Lanka could face long power cuts, water shortages, Southern grid failures

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The CEB had sought one hour power cuts from the time a coal plant went out and fuel supplies were disrupted due to an outage at a coal plant.

The CEB was then forced to run down its hydro power to avoid power cuts.

CEB officials warned that the Southern area which is on a 132kV grid will be badly hit when Samanalawera reservoir runs down as it has poor interconnection with the rest of the 220kV grid which has most of the large generators.

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