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Sri Lanka sea marshal tests negative on later PCR tests

ECONOMYNEXT – A sea marshal who tested positive for Coronavirus when he was in home quarantine in Sri Lanka’s capital Colombo after returning from abroad had tested negative five times after he was hospitalized, the health ministry said.

The state information office quoting Anil Jasighe the head of Sri Lanka’s health service, said 154 contacts who were quarantined had been sent home after they also tested negative.

The sea marshal had also been discharged from hospital.

Sri Lanka along with Vietnam are among the most successful countries in the world in battling the Coronavirus crisis, observers say.

Sri Lanka has contained the spread of Coronavirus in the country through aggressive contact tracing and quarantine though there have been weaknesses and in testing (waiting for an indication) and initially limiting tests to a hospital setting and waiting for symptomatic persons to turn up, which led to the development of two large clusters, observes say.

By July 05, 2020 Sri Lanka had confirmed 2,074 Covid-19 patients with 5 patients being identified during the past 24 hours. All were returnees from abroad.

Up to now 11 patients had died, 1,903 had recovered.

Out of the total 948 were from a cluster linked to the Sri Lanka Navy and 818 were foreign returnees.
The total domestic cases were 313. Outside of the Navy base, no other domestic cases have been found after April 30.

Sri Lanka is however advising the public to wear masks, and maintain social distance.

Vietnam, the world’s most successful country in battling Coronavirus had lifted all restrictions.
However Vietnam advised the public to wear mask up to May, when they were in the process of controlling the disease against World Health Organization advice at the time.





Vietnam also closed the border with China against the advice of the WHO at the time. Sri Lanka also restricted travel. (Colombo/July05/2020)

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