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Sri Lanka seafarers exempted from pre-flight Coronavirus test

ECONOMYNEXT – Seafarers who return to Sri Lanka have been exempted from a pre-flight Coronavirus test by health authorities, if they get on the plane straight from their ship without as long as the airline is prepared to board them.

A health ministry directive said procedure was allowed under the following conditions

1. Applicable only to Sri Lankan seafarers who embark to the flight directly from the vessel
after completion of the contract period or due to medical issue or in an emergency situation.

2. Not applicable to seafarers who are in the community in overseas and travelling to Sri Lanka.

3. Local Shipping Agent should submit the copy of the Seaman’s Discharge Book to the
Secretary, Foreign Ministry of Sri Lanka when requesting for the approval to return to Sri

4. It is the responsibility of the Shipping Agent to ensure this exemption is utilized only by
eligible seafarers. `

5. Should produce a valid Seaman’s Discharge Book to the airline with the approvals taken
from Foreign Ministry at the time of embarkation and to the relevant authorities on arrival.

6. If submission of a negative Covid-19 PCR report is a requirement of the airline, the exemption was not applicable.

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