Sri Lanka see rise in train related suicides in 2015

ECONOMYNEXT – In 2015, 161 persons had committed suicide by jumping in front of moving trains, up from 141, a year earlier, while reported suicides nation-wide had fallen, official data show.

A further 246 were injured in suicide-related injuries, Department of Railways data showed, down from 254 in 2014.

Three persons had died by falling off trains and 73 had been injured, up from one death and 62 injuries a year earlier.

Death from accidents at level crossings also rose to 11, from 4 in 2014.

Sri Lanka had one of the highest rates of suicide in the world, but over the last few years, it had started to reduce.

Suicides started to rise after independence from British rule. Suicides from insecticide ingestion rose sharply after irrigation and resettlement schemes, studies show.

Police records show reported suicides falling to 3,058 in 2015, with a majority of them (2,389) being male, from 3,144. In 2011, 3,770 suicides were reported.

In 2005, 4,742 suicides were reported, with 284 deaths being attributed to poverty and debt problems. In 2015, only 152 suicides were attributed poverty and indebtedness.

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