Sri Lanka Sept 2016 trade gap down 12-pct to $645mn

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s trade gap fell 12% to 645 million US dollars in September 2016 from a year ago as exports rose and imports fell, the central bank said.

Earnings from exports grew for the second consecutive month in September 2016, up 5.7% to 898 million US dollars from the year before, it said in a statement.

Expenditure on imports declined by 2.5% to 1,543 million US dollars in September 2016 compared to the same month in 2015, mainly because of lower imports of personal motor vehicles and fuel.

"However, the cumulative trade deficit during the first nine months of 2016 remained almost unchanged at 6,183 million US dollars in comparison to US dollars 6,182 million recorded during the same period of 2015," the central bank said.

(COLOMBO, Jan 11, 2016)

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