Sri Lanka Shipper’s Council renews call for fair trade, competition

ECONOMYNEXT – The new head of the Sri Lanka Shipper’s Council (SLSC) has said it would continue to lobby for fair trade and competition, warning against policy inconsistency and misuse of power by certain sections of the shipping industry.

“Combating policy inconsistencies and the growing cancer of industry stakeholders using national level opportunities and formulation of policies for individual gain supporting specific trades and organizations without putting country first,” is one of the challenges they face, said SLSC chairman SurenAbeysekera.

“It is no secret that some quarters try to hide behind new policy drafts to safeguard personal gains,” he said at the 49th Annual General Meeting of SLSC which represents the interest of exporters and importers held last Friday.

Fair trade and fair competition in the industry was seen as crucial elements which had been neglected and needed to be revived.

 “As a council, we are committed to uphold good governance and a country first attitude,” Abeysekera said.

 “We will continue to strive to bring about fair-trade and competition where market forces would decide ultimate winners.”

Sri Lankan shippers have been supporting government efforts to liberalise the ship agency and freight forwarding businesses, where foreign investment is capped at 40 percent.
COLOMBO/ JULY 29/ 2019)

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