Sri Lanka shippers to be charged US$25 for box weight notification

ECONOMYNEXT – Shipping lines are considering charging Sri Lanka shippers US$25 for submitting details of container they ship, a move the Global Shippers’ Forum has opposed and will be taken up at its annual meeting to be held in Colombo this month.

The GSF said it is opposing the new charges imposed by carriers globally, saying they were not justified.

The new container weighing regulations which took effect globally on 1 July 2016, were introduced to enhance maritime safety and reduce the dangers to containerships, their crews and all those involved throughout the maritime supply chain.

But enforcement of the rule has been put off till October to give time for the trade to adjust.

Shippers must submit the Verified Gross Mass (VGM) of the container to carrier under the new rule.

“Its expectation is that the overwhelming majority of VGM service providers will act ethically and will only charge for actual third party services provided to the shipper at reasonable prices that reflect the cost of providing those services,” the GSF said in a statement.

“Where the shipper undertakes the weighing process himself to determine the VGM and notifies this to the carrier or terminal operator in the agreed manner, there is no justification for any VGM charge to be applied.”

The GSF said that “regrettably GSF members, mainly in Asia and Africa, report that some carriers and other ‘service providers’ appear to be exploiting the introduction of the new VGM rules by imposing exorbitant and unjustified charges for questionable and unspecified “administration fees” and other “services”.

The GSF is calling for those charges to be withdrawn immediately.

Among examples provided by members the GSF is currently examining and will be taking them up with the service providers are charges in Sri Lanka.





GSF members in Sri Lanka have advised that shipping lines are considering charging shippers US$25 for submitting the VGM, and, in cases where the final weight differs from the booked weight, an additional charge of US$ 50 for amending the VGM.
(COLOMBO, July 04, 2016)

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