Sri Lanka shipping minister touts opportunities in maritime sector

ECONOMYNEXT – High income jobs are available in the maritime industry for which Sri Lankan youth should train, Sri Lanka’s Minister of Ports and Shipping Arjuna Ranatunga said.

“The maritime industry offers high-income earning employment opportunities,” Ranatunga said. “One of the world’s busiest shipping routes goes around our island because of our fortunate geo-strategic position.

“Therefore, it is important to gain more knowledge about the maritime industry,” he told the Colombo Maritime conference aimed at educating youth on the maritime industry and employment opportunities available in the sector.

Ranatunga said officer cadets on merchant ships draw salaries of Rs100,00 to Rs150,000 a month while a ship’s captain can draw a monthly salary of at least a million rupees.

“Our aim is to create more awareness among rural youth of the opportunities that hitherto have been made use of mainly by students of Colombo schools,” he told the conference held at the Mahapola Training Institute of the Sri Lanka Ports Authority.
(COLOMBO, Dec 22, 2016)

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