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Sri Lanka should not to discharge Coronavirus patients without a PCR test: GMOA

GMOA Editor Dr Haritha Alutghe

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Government Medical Officers Association had warned health authorities not to discharge patients without a PCR or other test which confirms that the patient is no longer infectious.

The warning came as the Health Ministry relaxed discharge criteria as numbers went up saying patients can be released after 14 days.

“Many of the Brandix cluster is now completing 14 days,” Haritha Aluthge from the GMOA said.

“You have to do a PCR before releasing them to the society. Do not release anyone without a PCR.

“We learned that from Kegalle, several persons who are listed to release today (November 05) and tested positive.

“If they were released they would be released as patients. It is essential that a the PCR test is done. If an antigen test can be done based on expert opinion it may be done.”


Sri Lanka active Coronavirus cases rise towards 6000, Covid-19 discharge relaxed

Sri Lanka current Covid-19 outbreak from Denmark-Sweden SARS-Cov-2 strain

Researchers have said the current virus strain is more transmissible than others.





But discharge criteria has been relaxed, and there has been no increase in social distancing to above one meter.

Meanwhile institutional quarantine has also been dropped in favour or home quarantine, which critics warn is likely to increase infections among parents and grandparents at home. (Colombo/Nov06/2020)

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