Sri Lanka slaps enhanced traffic fines from July 15

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s police Tuesday announced it will implement the enhanced traffic fines from next week, but the increases were way short of the 25,000 rupees promised in last year’s budget.

Speeding will be fined at 3,000 rupees irrespective of how fast the driver is over and above the speed limit. Earlier the fine was 1,000 rupees.

The authorities have dropped a proposal to fine speeding drivers based on by what percentage they were the speed limit with an upper limit of a 25,000 rupee penalty. That is not being implemented.

Driving without a licence earlier attracted a fine of 2,500 rupees and an underage driver was fined 5,000 rupees, but under the new system neither will be given a spot fine and instead will be taken to court.

The previous spot-fine ticket listed 23 offences, but the new one will carry 33. It becomes mandatory to carry emission test certificate and non-compliance will result in a 500 rupee fine.

The biggest percentage increase is for reversing and improper intake of fuel. Both attracted a fine of just 20 rupees, but from July 15, it will go up by 4,900 percent to 1,000 rupees.

It is illegal to obtain fuel for a vehicle while the engine is running. It is also an offence to reverse a vehicle for a "longer distance than may be necessary for the purpose of turning that vehicle."

Overloading busses, trucks and three wheelers will attract a fine of 500 rupees, up from 150 earlier. (COLOMBO, July 10, 2018)







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