Sri Lanka speaker replies President

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Speaker Karu Jayasuriya replying to a letter sent overnight had said he was acting impartially and the majority of Parliament had voted for a no-confidence motion against Mahinda Rajapaksa as Prime Minister on November 14.

He rejected an assertion by the President that he was acting in a partisan manner towards the United National Party, and said he was acting on behalf of a majority of members.

He had not stepped into the UNP party headquarters, or engaged in any party activities.

Jayasuriya said once the member of the government realized that they did not have a majority they had attempted to grab the mike and disrupted proceedings using uncivilized language.

He said the legal points made in the letter woudl be replied separately.

The Speaker said he believed the current political crisis could be resolved through discussions.

President Sirisena in a letter said he rejected that motion by legislators expressing no confidence on Mahinda Rajapaksa.








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