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Sri Lanka starts 100,000 new tax payer financed jobs with pensions

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s new administration will provide jobs to 100,000 unskilled workers without a formal education or ordinary level qualification in to a new ‘task force’, who will be eligible for a pension after 10 years.

The program will start on September 02 and the jobless persons will be paid 22,500 rupees as a training allowance.

After a six months training period they will be given a government job at 35,000 rupees a months, the office of the president said.

Sri Lanka already has a 1.3 million public sector workers and more than 50 cents collected out of every tax rupee goes to pay salaries and pensions of state workers.


Sri Lanka tax spenders take more than 60 cents of every tax-rupee home

Since Sri Lanka runs a deficit in the current account of the budget, day-to-day spending which cannot be covered by is partly financed with new debt. As a result all capital spending is financed with debt.

The criteria and terms of the new hires are given below:

Job recipients are selected on the basis of the following criteria

Unskilled workers who have no formal education or with education lowerG.C.E. Ordinary Level examination





Must be not less than 18 years of age and not more than 40 years of age on the closing date for applications.

Being unemployed member of a family eligible to receive Samurdhi benefits but does not receive it, or being a member of a family receiving Samurdhi benefits but unemployed.

Being an unemployed member of a family with elderly, sick parents or disabled members.

Be a permanent resident of the area of application.

Selection for training programme

One individual with above qualifications from one family will be considered.

Based upon available job opportunities in proximity to the applicant’s residence and his choice of field for training, his/her vocational program will be decided.

Training program will be conducted at the Training Centers in the same area of the applicant’s residence or at the nearby Training Centers

Following a successful training, the applicants will be employed in his/her area of residence or in nearby areas

Salary and Allowances

During 6-month continuous training programme a monthly allowance of Rs 22,500 will be paid.

Following successful completion of the training program trainees will have the opportunity to be appointed to an accepted permanent government position in his own residence area with a non-primary skilled salary of Rs. 35,000 and allowances. After a satisfactory and uninterrupted career record of 10 years he/she will be eligible for pension.

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