Sri Lanka state firms to import 79,900MT of chemical fertilizer

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s state fertilizer firms have ordered 79,000 metric tonnes of chemical fertilizer to be distributed to farmers in the upcoming cultivation season, the state information office said.

The National Fertilizer Secreariat said there were also stocks within the country, but asked farmers to use only the recommended volume of fertilizer, as overuse was harmful to health.

The cabinet of minister had cleared the award of the import contracts by Lanka Fertilizer Company Ltd and Colombo Commercial Fertilizer Ltd for deliver in late March 2020.

Agri Fertilivan International Trading Pvt Ltd, had won an order for 47,700 metric tonnes of urea (granule) at 268.90 US dollars per tonne.

Valancy International Trading (Pvt) Ltd has won an order for 15,000 metric tonnes of Triple Super Phosphate for 262.74 US dollar per tonne.

Agri Commodities and Finance has won an order for 13,600 MT of Muriate of Potash for 317.25 US dollars per tonne.

Agri Commodities and Finance has also won an order for 3,060 MT of Urea (frilled) for 285.0 US dollars per tonne.

Sri Lanka has been giving subsidized fertilizer for several year and is planning to give free fertilizer, raising concerns over the spread of non-communicable diseases and the overuse of fertilizer.

Sri Lanka’s National Fertilizer Secretariat said there was ample stock of fertilizer in the country in addition to those on order, and farmers should not be misled and over-use fertilizer.

Lanka Fertilizer Company and Colombo Commercial Fertilizer had stock of 18,132 MT of urea, 8,266 MT of TSP and 9,131 MT of muriate of potash.





Sri Lanka has settled 6.0 billion rupees out of 21 billion owed to fertilizer importers and there were some delays due to audit queries raised by the Auditor General, NFS said.

Farmers had planted extra vegetables after prices spiked in January, the agency said. (Colombo/Feb23/2020)

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