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Sri Lanka state salaries to go up sharply in 2020

ECONOMYNEXT – SrI Lanka’s state salaries has been raised in recent years and will go up further in 2020, especially in executive grades, finance minister Mangala Samaraweera has said.

Sri Lanka’s taxes have been raised sharply under so-called ‘revenue based fiscal consolidation’ but spending has also gone up.

Sri Lanka has raised the pensionable salaries of state workers in recent years.

On some executive grades salaries will be sharply raised from 2020, Minister Samaraweera has said.

In 2014 a total of 567 billion rupees was paid as pensions and salaries or 53 percent of taxes. By 2018, the salary and pension bill has gone up by 45 percent to 821 billion rupees.

Tax revenues had gone up by 63 percent in the same period. Salaries and pensions as a share of revenue had fallen slightly to 47.9 percent by 2018.

In 2019, however tax revenues have been hit by monetary instability and a currency collapse which was worsened by a political crisis in the second half of 2018.

Sri Lanka’s Attorney General is to get up to 685,000 rupees, senior judges 530,000 rupees, a senior professor 455,000 rupees, medical specialists 300,000 rupees.

Designation Basic Salary of 2006 All inclusive Salary in  2020
State Counsel Rs.28,095 Rs. 363,000
Attorney General Rs.67,000 Rs. 685,300
Sri Lanka Judicial Service Rs.28,740 Rs. 360,503
High Court Judges Rs.54,285 Rs. 530,750
Amateur Lecturer Rs.27,775 Rs. 155,220
Senior Professor Rs.67,100 Rs. 455,944
Office employee Service – UGC Non Academic Rs.14,150 Rs. 52,391
Secretary – UGC Rs.54,145 Rs.226,420
Medical Officers Rs.25,515 Rs.189,855
Medical Specialists Rs.42,390 Rs.300,940
Sri Lanka Engineering Service Rs.22,935 Rs.90,415
Director General Engineering Services Rs.42,390 Rs.151,300
Police Constable Rs.13,880 Rs.63,706
Inspector General of Police Rs.42,390 Rs.199,750
Assistant Secretary Rs.22,935 Rs.63,415
Additional Secretary Rs.42,390 Rs.121,300
Office employee Service Rs.11,730 Rs.34,550

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  1. Presumably the salaries stated are per month. Your presentation could be neater.
    I am happy for them, especially for the doctors. Hope they keep on doing a good job.

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