Sri Lanka steps up China tourism promotion efforts

ECONOMYNEXT – Minister of Tourism Development John Amaratunga has held talks with Chinese tourism and airline officials to encourage more visitors to Sri Lanka from China.

The talks were held during a visit to promote the island at the Shanghai World Travel Fair held at Shanghai Exhibition Centre in China.

A series of promotional events and meetings were conducted across major cities in China during the course of the past week, a statement said.

Amaratunga led the promotional drive that covered the key cities of Shanghai, Nanjing and Chengdu in China.

Amaratunga held important meetings with tourism stakeholders in each city.

One such meeting was with the chairperson, Shanghai Tourism Administration, Xu Weiwan with a view to increase outbound traffic to Sri Lanka and improve connectivity from Shanghai to Colombo.

Amaratunga also visited the largest Online Travel Agency (OTA) in China, C-Trip, and had talks with top management of the company.

In Nanjing, he visited the second biggest OTA in China, Tuniu and held talks with the top management to enhance the volume of individual travellers to Sri Lanka.

Amaratunga also visited Sichuan Airlines headquarters and for talks with top management.

Sichuan Airlines is currently in the process of commencing direct flight operations between Chongqing and Colombo.
(COLOMBO, June 01, 2018)





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