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Sri Lanka stocks down for fourth day, losing Rs207bn

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka stocks fell for the fourth straight day with 207 billion in stock values being wiped out so far this week amid continued selling pressure, brokers said.

LOLC, John Keells and Carson Cumberbatch led the index down.

Turnover was three billion rupees with 22 stocks gaining and 154 falling.

The Colombo benchmark All Share Price Index fell 191.05 points to close at 7,002.04.

The market reached an intra-day high of 7,253.72 during the first our into trading but fell throughout the day before rising slightly at the close.

The S&P SL20 index of more liquid stocks fell 2.39 per cent or 67.87 points to close at 2,768.88.

Foreigners bought 421 million rupees of stocks and sold 441 million on Thursday.

So far in 2021 foreign investors has sold 14.29 billion rupees of stocks.

LOLC Holdings fell 29.50 rupees or 8.94 percent to close at 300.50 rupees contributing most for the ASPI fall.

LOLC Finance, fell 30 cents to close at 5.90 rupees, Browns and Company fell 10.75 rupees to close at 144.25 rupees and Browns Investment closed 30 cents down at 5.20 rupees.





Vallibel One fell 2.34 rupees to close at 46.60 rupees.

John Keells Holdings fell 3.50 rupees to close at 148.25 rupees.

Hayleys Plc closed 2.10 rupees down at 52.50 rupees with key subsidiaries Dipped Products falling 3.00 rupees to close at 40.20 rupees and Haycarb Plc falling 4.60 rupees to close at 86.10 rupees.

The Kingsbury Plc closed flat at 11.90 rupees and Singer Industries Ceylon closed 1.50 rupees down at 92.00 rupees.

Distilleries Company fell 30 cents to close at 19.60 rupees, Ceylon Grain Elevators fell 5.55 rupees to close at 112.75 rupees and Hemas Holdings closed 3.00 rupees down at 78.40 rupees.

Commercial Bank of Ceylon closed 1.30 rupee down at 84.50 rupees while Hatton National Bank closed 50 cents up at 127.00 rupees.

DFCC Bank closed 1.00 rupees down at 59.30, Sampath bank closed 50 cents down at 150.50 rupees and Nations trust bank closed flat at 56.60 rupees.

Seylan Bank closed 90 cents down at 49.50 rupees, Pan Asia Banking Corporation fell 30 cents to close at 15.70 rupees while Housing Development Finance gained20 cents to close at 33.60

Central Finance Company fell 1.00 rupees to close at 84.30 rupees, Alliance Finance Company fell 20 cents to close at 49.10 rupees and Citizens Development Business Finance closed 7.50 rupees down at 104.25 rupees.

Expolanka fell 1.60 rupees to close at 43.10 rupees while Melstacorp Holdings closed 2.00 rupees down at 43.60 rupees a share.

Royal Ceramic Lanka closed 16.00 rupees down at 235.00 rupees, Lanka tiles fell 12.50 to close at 174.25 rupees and Lanka Walltiles closed 11.50 rupees down at 177.25 rupees.

Ceylon Tobacco Company stocks down 23.50 rupees at 999.75 rupees, Piramal Glass Ceylon closed 20 cents lower at 9.50 rupees and Ceylon Cold stores closed 6.75 rupees down at 635.25 rupees.

In the hotel sector, Eden Hotel Lanka gained 10 cents to 10.50 rupees, Sigiriya Village hotel closed flat at 31.70 rupees, John Keels Hotels closed flat at 10.00 while Aitken Spence Hotel
holdings gained20 cents to close at 29.00 rupees.

Carson Cumberbatch closed 22.75 rupees down at 266.25 rupees and Access Engineering fell 40 cents to close at 22.10 rupees.

Nestle Lanka closed flat at 1,180.00 rupees while Aitken Spence Plc closed 2.30 rupees down at 57.70 rupees.

Sri Lanka Telecom closed 40 cents down at 33.90 rupees, Richard Pieris and Company closed 20 cents down at 16.50 rupees and Dialog Axiata closed flat at 12.70 rupees.

The Food, Beverage and Tobacco Industry was the most active, fell 2.5 percent today. (Colombo/March 04/2021)

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