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Sri Lanka study sees other beverages as competitive threat to tea

EconomyNext – Competition from other beverages, climatic changes and worker wages are seen as key issues the global tea industry is facing, including Sri Lanka, says a new study by the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

It contains information about the competitors of Sri Lanka’s tea industry, one of the world’s largest exporters of tea, and product wise HS code descriptions among other information.

The study points out that the tea industry will have to fight it out to sustain or grow its share with strong competition coming in from other ‘beverage’ producers, a statement said.

“Climatic changes will also cause issues to the industry, as the ‘tea plant is very delicate to the changes in temperature and rainfall’,” the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said.

Another problem is worker movement out of the industry seeking better wages, said the study conducted by the Business Information Division of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce.

Tea Sector Statistical Analysis is an ideal tool to identify market trends and performance of the tea industry over the years in addition to identifying potential niche markets.
 (Colombo/July 07, 2015)

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