Sri Lanka suicide bombers buried without religious rites

ECONOMYNEXT – Several suicide bombers belonging to an extremist group that killed over 250 people in co-ordinated suicide attacks have been buried without religious rites on the instructions of religious dignitaries, police said.

Police pulled out 12 bodies including six children from a hideout in Eastern Sri Lanka following an overnight gun battle where several explosions were heard. Investigations and post-mortems of 10 persons had been completed.

It was later found that some of the men in the group had blasted themselves along with their wives and children. Some of the persons were related to the Easter Sunday bombers.

"They were buried without religions rites on the instructions of the relevant religious leaders of the area", Police Spokesman Ruwan Gunasekera said.

"On the intervention of the police, the bodies of six children in the Saindamaruddu explosions were buried this evening with religuous rituals this evening."

Sri Lanka’s Muslim community had been uneasy over over the extremism practised by the group. It is believed that they were influenced by activists in the Middle East.

Some community leaders said they had complained to authorities over their extreme actions for several years but no action had been taken. (Colombo, May02, 2019-SB)

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