Sri Lanka targets US$2.5bn FDI in 2021: Minister

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka is targeting 2.5 billion US dollars in foreign direct investments in 2021, with several commitments already being made, State Minister for Finance and Capital Markets, Nivard Cabraal said.

About a billion dollars of investments were in the pipeline for the Colombo Port City, he said.

“That is very real,” he told an investment forum organized by Asia Securities, a Colombo-based investment house.

“The Hambantota tyre factor is 300 million dollar of which 175 million will come next year.”

A pharmaceutical zone is expected to get another 200 million dollars.

“Once you have inflows of that nature there would be many others would get excited,” he explained.

He said Sri Lanka was working on providing stable macro-fundamentals to investors.

A Special Economic Zone law is expected to be passed for the Port City. Projects so far have been given tax benefits under a under a highly discretionary Strategic Investment Law. (Colombo/Dec16/2020)

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  1. Mr Cabbral, where have you been all these years. Sri Lanka is economically reeling today not only because yahapalana blanders, UNP led CB scandal, and Easter attack.
    Were you in top Govt positions over the past years ? Do you know where SL stand in FDI index. Who is at fault for FDI failures ? Please reply

  2. ලංකාවේ දැන් ඩොලර් ද රුපියල් ද තිබෙන්නෙ.. ඇමරිකාවට බැන බැන පුදුමයි නේද ඩොලර්වලින් කථා කරන හැටි..ඔය කිව් මිලියන ගණන් ඩොලර් කාගේ හොර බැංකුවලට යන්නෙ..
    අලුත් ආන්ඩුව ඇවිත් අවුරුද්දකටත් වැඩියි මොකක් ද ජනතාවට කල
    සේවය.. මණුස්සයා රවටා ජන්දය අරන් දැන් මණුස්සයා ගෙ ඔලුවටම අත හෝදනවා.. ඕකද පොහොට්ටුවේ දේශපාලනය…

  3. Mints.Nawad Cabral is day time Dreamer, whole world is with heavy economics problems. This is his second turn we have experience with his economic strategy we can’t see the green light for future

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