Sri Lanka Telecom latest Internet Protocol for LKDomain Registry

EconomyNext – Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) said it had deployed of the latest Internet Protocol (IP) version – IPv6 – at the LKDomain Registry.

All countries, including Sri Lanka will opt for this new version as the addresses available under the old version are running out.

"Internet users of this new protocol can now access online content and use other Internet based services faster than ever before as domain name lookups can be done directly on the IPv6 platform," a statement said.

The new version of IP, called IP version 6 or IPv6, was introduced to connect more and more people to the Internet, it said.

Internet users on IPv6 platform will have access to more, better and faster Internet services, including the emerging Internet of Things (IoT) or Internet of Everything (IoE) as they will no longer be limited by work-arounds such as network address translation (NAT).

Lalith De Silva, Group Chief Executive of Sri Lanka Telecom said with IPv6 technology, SLT Cloud, “AKAZA” will be able to give much faster universal access, easy to use self-managed web-based portal services and ‘Smart’ offerings with maximum flexibility for business organizations and the general community.

Gihan Dias, Chief Executive of LK Domain Registry said they are planning to use the new technology to introduce additional services with more IP addresses and more features.

"As the first step, we are planning to set up a virtual IPv6 test-bed for students/individuals who are keen on experiencing the IPv6 environment. Further, it will facilitate the users to learn/practice IPv6 configurations remotely.”






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