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Monday May 17th, 2021

Sri Lanka Telecom upgrades fibre optic network to 100G with Huawei

Nov 14, 2014 (economynext) – Sri Lanka Telecom (SLT) has upgraded its nationwide fibre optic network with Huawei technology, increasing speed to support high-bandwidth services like data centres and video, demand for which is increasing at exponential rates.

Strengthening the National Backbone Network (NBN) will enhance connectivity and its ability to deliver high-speed uninterrupted access to businesses and households, an SLT statement said.

The new generation 100G Optical Transport Network-based (OTN) system improves speeds and reliability in transferring data packets, enabling greater use of the transmission capacity in the backbone network for revenue-generating services and quicker addition of new services.

SLT said launch of the country’s first DWDM (Dense Wavelength Division Multiplexing) system with Huawei supports 8 Terabits (1 Terabits = 1000 Gigabits) per second transmission capability through fibre optic cables.<

Wavelength Division Multiplexing is a technique that combines several streams of data on the same cable using different wavelengths of light and enable telecom firms to expand network capacity without laying more fibre which is expensive.

DWDM technology allows high throughput capacity over longer distances and data transfer rates up to 100Gbps per wavelength.

SLT said the new system proves 100 Gbps speed traffic can be successfully carried over its national Ethernet network while maintaining carrier-grade performance. "Having 100G network access will be important for developing Sri Lanka’s businesses that operate data centres and for mobile backhaul and other service applications."

Mobile backhaul is that part of a cellular service provider’s backbone network that connects wireless towers to switching centres whose bandwidth capacities continue to increase with greater use of mobiles for voice calls and data.

The government awarded the contract to build the National Backbone Network to SLT in 2013, covering all 329 divisional secretariats in Sri Lanka within five years.

"As the NBN service provider, SLT has established a fibre optic network that spans over 20,000km within the country," Lalith De Silva, Group Chief Executive Officer of Sri Lanka Telecom said. “With the NBN rollout, the industry will certainly be empowered to provide high speed broadband access at affordable and competitive prices."

Huawei’s Chief Executive Officer Daniel Sun said NBN is a timely requirement for SLT and a forward-looking initiative. "Every day we have more and more people connected through the internet. SLT’s visionary, participatory and inclusive process plays a critical role in driving Sri Lanka to be the info-educational hub in south Asia."


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