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Thursday October 6th, 2022

Sri Lanka threatened by isolated Coronavirus cases, Covid-19 count 117

ECONOMYNEXT – Isolated cases of Coronavirus cases are still turning up from various locations posing a hidden threat, and the public should be careful to maintain social distance when curfew is lifted in some areas on Monday, Sri Lanka’s Army Chief Shavendra Silva said.

“You can see that from time to time, infected persons are turning up from here and there,” General Silva said in a recorded video address to media.

“There is a certain threat. Even though you do not know, there can be infected persons in society.

“So tomorrow when curfew is lifted everyone should maintain a distance of one metre.

Britain’s National Health Service is recommending two meters, but the World Health Organization is recommending one meter saying the virus is likely to fall down within a metre instead of floating around.

Hand washing is advocated to stop germs from moving to the face after touching such surfaces.

Health workers who are performing certain procedures with patients however may get droplets at a longer distance.

Sri Lanka’s health ministry said the confirmed total case had gone up 117 by 8.00 pm Sunday, 11 persons had recovered including a Wave I patient from China in January.

Sri Lanka locked down Akurana town in the Kandy district after a person who returned from Chennai on March 15, was found to be infected with Covid-19.

The 61, year old person from Nelambugama, Akurana had roamed around Kandy town General Silva said.

Akurana town was locked down late Saturday, in the same way Athaluagama in Kalutara was locked down he said. (Colombo/Mar29/2020)

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