Sri Lanka to allow quadri-cycles: minister

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will allow the registration of quadri-cycles as a safer alternative to the ubiquitous three-wheeler taxis, Transport Minister Nimal Siripala de Silva said.

"Quadri-cycles have been approved in 16 countries so far," he told a debate in parliament. "Unlike a three-wheeler, it’s covered on all sides, has four wheels and cannot make 90-degree turns."

He said changes to the motor law in the country will also legalise the registration of motor homes and caravans.

Indian automakers like Bajaj, whose three-wheeler is the market leader in Sri Lanka, have developed motorised quadri-cycles as a step up.

In Sri Lanka, due to a highly regulated bus service where route licenses are given in an opaque way and operators are restricted on the runs they do, the bus service has not kept up with demand for higher-service quality.

The free market three-wheeler service has been forced to respond to market pressures and innovate.

According to a bus operators union, every day, 1,500 people are leaving buses and going in their own transport (bicycles or small cars) and three-wheelers.

Minister de Silva said there were about over 1,000 deaths accidents from motorcycles and over 300 deaths from three-wheelers. (Colombo/Sept21/2017)

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