Sri Lanka to ban asbestos imports in 2018, production from 2024

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will prohibit the import of asbestos from 2018 and the manufacture of roofing sheets from 2024, following a proposal by President Maithripala Sirisena, the state information office said.

The state information office said about 80 percent of the asbestos imported are used for roofing sheet production.

Asbestos is also used in brake pads of cars.

The World Health Organization has identified asbestos as a carcinogenic substance.

President Sirisena, a former Health Minister, had already banned the import of Glysophate, a common weedicide, after a controversial study that did not involve animal studies claimed a link with chronic kidney disease.

Sri Lanka’s government, however, gives incentives to use diesel, which is a suspected human carcinogen by under-pricing the fuel compared to petrol, despite it being more expensive to import.

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