Sri Lanka to build floating solar power farm on Parliament lake

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will set up a 1.5 MW floating solar power farm on the lake around the Parliament of the country. Deputy Power Minister Ajith Perera said.

Environmental clearance for the project has already been received, he said.

The floating solar farm will power the parliament, he said.

Perera said following the first solar farm it was expected that floating solar farms would be set up in reservoirs elsewhere.

The renewable industry had already lobbied President Maithripala Sirisena on floating solar plants on rice growing regions in north central Sri Lanka.

Floating solar farms can reduce evaporation and also reduce water plant growth by cutting off sunlight.

In other countries floating solar farms have been set up on reservoirs supplying drinking water. In such reservoirs reducing water plant (algae) growth can also reduce purifying costs. (Colombo/Nov08/2016)

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