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Sri Lanka to call bids for 90MW mini solar plants

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will call tenders for 90, one MegaWatt mini solar plants next month, Deputy Power Minister Ajith Perera said.

Tenders for 60MW of small solar plants called earlier is now being awarded, he told parliament. The average feed in tariff was 17.01 rupees, Perera said.

Sri Lanka is also giving subsidies for individual customers to build rooftop solar plants and sell to the grid through net metering and similar arraignments.

So for 3900 connections amounting to 35MegaWats have been given to customers after starting in September 2016. Another 2000 applications amounting to 33MW remains to be given, he said.

This will bring to 68MW solar net metered connections given under the so-called ‘solar power war’ program.

Under net metering solar units generated by a customer is set-off against power used, but no cash is paid by the utility for excess power generated.

Under the ‘net-accounting’ connections 22 rupees a unit is paid during the first 7 years and from 8 to the 15th year 15.50 rupees is paid. Units used by the customer is charged at the standard customer tariffs.

The difference is either paid to the customer or the customer pays the CEB.

Under the third ‘net-plus’ system, customers with a solar power generator is paid 22 rupees a unit for the first 7 years and 15.50 from year 8. The payments are settled separately on a gross basis.





Sri Lanka’s power generation costs are expected to go up steeply over the next few years as a cheap coal plant built by ex-President Mahinda Rajapaksa has reached capacity and the new administration scrapped coal and is pushing more expensive diesel and liquefied natural gas plants.

Under open tenders, the current power ministry has received competitive bids for wind. (Colombo/Aug24/2017)

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