Sri Lanka to drop provincial prefixes from vehicle number plates

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will drop provincial pre-fixes from vehicle numbers to end the hassle of changing plates when a person from a different province buys it, the information office said.

The cabinet of ministers had approved a proposal to change the rule.

“Letters to identify provinces are added to the number plate when registering vehicles which is easy at
the vehicular emission tests and annual revenue license issuance,” a statement said.

“However, both the customers as well as the Departrnent of Motor Traffic have to encounter many difficulties since the number plates have to be changed at each instance the right of ownership of the vehicles are transferred between provinces.

“Since a unique number is issued to each registered vehicle at its registration, the identity of
each vehicle can be easily recognized across the departmental data base.

“Considering those facts, the Cabinet of Ministers issued approval to the resolution submitted by the minister of transport for removal of the provincial letters at issuance of vehicle number plates.” (Colombo/Dec15/2020)

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