Sri Lanka to expand river water quality monitoring

ECONOMYNEXT – Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA) has advised Sri Lankan authorities to extend a water quality monitoring project covering the river supplying drinking water to the capital Colombo to other key water bodies.

The JICA-funded three-year project to improve monitoring of water quality of the Kelani River, on the banks of which many factories are located, ends this month, a statement said.

The project purpose was to strengthen the enforcement capacity of the Central Environmental Authority (CEA) from which industries must obtain an Environmental Protection License (EPL) to operate.

One of the main threats to water quality in the Kelani River, the main source of drinking water to Colombo, has been found to be illegal discharge of effluent by factories on its banks.

The JICA project helped the CEA to prepare ambient water quality standards and strengthen water quality analysis capacity of CEA officers as well as prepare inspection guidelines and strengthening CEA staff inspections.

It also helped prepare a web-based Pollution Source Inventory (PSI) monitoring system including EPL status and a web based Environmental Information Management system

The JICA statement said it was now time for Sri Lanka to expand the water quality monitoring model used for Kelani River to other major water bodies in the island.
(COLOMBO, March 06, 2018)

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