Sri Lanka to facilitate illegal workers in Saudi Arabia to use amnesty

ECONOMYNEXT – Diplomatic missions in Saudi Arabia are ready provide travel documents for Sri Lankans working in the Kingdom illegally to make use of a general amnesty and return home.

A statement from the ministry of foreign employment said Saudi Deputy Prime Minister Mohamed bin naïf bin Abdul Aziz had set in motion an amnesty starting from March 29 to allow illegal workers to come forward and legally leave the country.

There will be no bar for them to return to work legally in the Kingdom in the future, the ministry statement said.

The amnesty would be in force for 90 days.

Sri Lanka’s embassy in Riyadh and consulate in Jeddah are ready to provide travel documents for Sri Lankans who are ready to return to the country, the statement said.

The amnesty will apply to those who are in the country without an Iqama resident visa document and those who had entered the country illegally.

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