Sri Lanka to get private sector wastewater treatment plants

COLOMBO, Nov 25, 2014 (EconomyNext) – The Asian Development Bank has approved aid to help the Colombo Municipal Council get the private sector involved in construction and operation of two planned wastewater treatment plants.

The project also involves a wastewater tariff scheme that will help fund the plants, an ADB statement said.

The Colombo Municipal Council will get the private sector to build and operate two planned wastewater treatment plants, discontinuing its practice of discharging untreated wastewater into the sea, and introduce a wastewater tariff scheme that will help fund the plants.

It is part of a 88 million US dollar ADB loan for the second phase of the Greater Colombo Water and Wastewater Management Improvement Investment Program which aims to improve water and wastewater management services in the Sri Lankan capital and surrounding areas.

Colombo’s sewage collection system has been deteriorating for lack of investment since wastewater operation has a lower priority than flood control and drainage.

The ADB recently approved a 500,000 dollar grant for technical assistance to prepare the Private-Public Partnership arrangement for wastewater treatment plants and tariff scheme.

It includes an information campaign component to overcome public scepticism and resistance to privatising water supply and imposing tariffs.

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