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Sri Lanka to give same state guaranteed price for all types of paddy

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will give the same guaranteed price of 50 rupees for all types of paddy, during the Yala 2020 minor cultivation season, the Finance Ministry said.

In previous years, a price of 38 rupees per kilo was given for Nadu paddy (rough rice) and 41 rupees for Samba, the finance ministry said.

State-run Paddy Marketing Board will purchase rice at 50 rupees at their stores in several parts of the country, the Finance Ministry said.

The Finance Ministry has provided funds for the PMD to buy the paddy, the statement said.

In the Marandagamula rice market, milled Samba rice had dropped from 95.50 rupees a month ago to 93.90 rupees last week, Kekulu (white) had dropped to 87.40 rupees from 89.00 rupees, Kekulu (Red) had risen 90.50 rupees from 90.00.

Nadu had dropped to 87.60 rupees from 93.33 rupees. (Colombo/July15/2020-sb)

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