Sri Lanka to give tax money to thousands of unemployable graduates

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s unemployed graduates who are not disabled but are not contributing to the nation in gainful employment will get a 20,000 rupee monthly allowance from the state starting from July 2018.

The government will recruit 5,000 graduate who apparently cannot find a gainful job and pay them 20,000 rupees a month from July.

They will be recruited for ‘training’, the government said.

Another 15,000 will be recruited in September 2018 and will be paid 20,000 a month. More will be taken in 2019.

The cabinet of ministers had approved the proposal by Prime Minister Ranil Wickremesinghe to give the money to unemployed graduates.

Wickremesinghe came under fire in 2004 by the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna for not giving jobs to unemployed graduates.
The graduates will be take home 4.8 billion rupees of taxes paid by the people each year.

Ironically the graduates who cannot find a job in productive sectors will be called a ‘development officer.

The proposal to give money to unemployed graduates, comes shortly after the administration raised PAYE tax on hardworking employed people. (Colombo/May31/2018)

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