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Sri Lanka to hold GSP plus talks in Brussels: PM

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will shortly hold talks with Brussels over restoring GSP Plus trade access to the European Union, Prime Minister Ranil Wickramasinghe said.

Sri Lanka has already filed an application to restore GSP+, which allows freer access to the country’s exports.

The benefits were suspended over human rights abuses of Sri Lanka citizens by the ousted Rajapaksa regime, and infringing on their civil and political rights despite international agreements already signed to provide freedom to citizens.

Wickramamsinghe said he will leave for Brussels on Saturday for talks on restoring GSP+.

Both Sri Lanka and Bangladesh was given GSP+, but Sri Lanka gave it up.

Bangladesh kept it and experienced fast export growth, he said.

The new administration had re-stablished rule of law by making the judiciary more independent.

Although disappearances of persons following so-called ‘white van’ abductions and killing of journalists have stopped, observers say reforms to police are also needed to prevent deaths and torture suspects in custody, critics say. (Colombo/Oct12/2016)

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