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Sri Lanka to open Rs4.7bn flyover to ease congestion

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s President Maithripala Sirisena will declare open a 4.7 billion rupee flyover in Sri Lanka capital with access roads built a cost of 4.7 billion rupees on January 08.

Colombo is getting heavily congested due to low quality bus service that comes from an allegedly corrupt tightly regulated route licensing system and price controls that has prevented consolidation and innovation.

Colombo also does not have an mass rapid transit system to weak away people from private cars.

The flyover built in Rajagiriya, a suburb of Colombo is expected to ease traffic on the capital’s most congested access road coming from Malabe.

The congestion shockwave that develops in Rajagiriya goes as far as the parliament junction in the mornings and backwards to near Kanatte Junction in the evenings.

The Presidential secretariat said traffic speed along Paliament Road in Rajagiriya will increase by eight fold to 16 kilometres an hour after the flyover is open.

However there fears among some observers that the bottleneck will now shift forward and a new congestion shockwave will now develop near the Horton Place intersection in Borella where traffic is already heavy.

The 534 meter flyover is an elevated steel structure based on a concrete substructure and paving. The project also involves access roads to Buthgamuwa as well as the development of the roads to Buthgamuwa.

The main contractor is Centunion S.A of Spain and the substructure and implementation is by Sri Lanka’s Access Engineering group. (Colombo/Jan05/2018)





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