Sri Lanka to set up National Salt Company SOE with Elephant Pass salterns

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will set up state owned enterprise named National Salt Company to run salt pan in the Northern Province.

There is already an existing SOE called Mantha Salt Limited.

Elephant Salt Pans, also in the North will be brought under the sale enterprise and it will be re-named National Salt Company.

“It would be administratively and economically advantageous to operate all the sale pan in the Northern Province under a single administrative structure rather than maintaining them as separate companies,” a note to the cabinet of minister said.

The cabinet of ministers had approved a proposal by the Minister of Industries to re-name Manthai Salt Ltd to National Salt Company and transfer Elephant Pass Salt pans to the company.

Salt pans in Hambantota are under Lanka Salt Company, which went through a privatization process. (Colombo/Dec29/2020)

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