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Sri Lanka to set up pharmaceutical zone in Horana

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka will set up a pharmaceutical investment zone in Millewa, Horana with an initial investment of 8 billion rupees, Co-cabinet spokesman Minister Ramesh Pathirana said.

“After the current government came to power, steps have being taken to establish several Pharmaceutical Zones in the country giving priority to the manufacture of medicine locally,” Minister Pathirana said.

Two pharma zones had already started in Arabokka in the Hambantota district and Oyamaduwa in the Anuradhapura district linked to the State Pharmaceutical Corporation (SPC).

The SPC had signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) to get a land of 64 acres and 83.3 perches in Millewa, Horana from the Urban Development Authority.

The first phase will begin in March 2021 with an 8 billion rupee investment, Minister Pathirana said.

The Horana zone is expected to produce orthopedic and neurosurgical equipment, anti-cancer drugs, pills and capsules, surgical instruments and lenses.

The minister said through the establishment of these Pharmaceutical Zones in the country, the government expects to supply up to 80 per cent of the national demand for medicine locally within the next 3 to 4 years.

The cabinet had approved a proposal by Minister of Housing and Urban Development and the Minister of Health to appoint a steering committee head by the Treasury Secretary and representatives of the relevant ministries and institutions to expedite the project.

A Project Management Committee headed by the Chairman of the SPC would also be appointed to provide technical inputs to the steering committee. (Colombo/Mar09/2021)





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  1. Can potential investors know where in the Millewa area (which gs division etc) the pharmaceutical investment zone will be set up. Is there an area map that can be accessed? Any UDA / SPC contact details?

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