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Sri Lanka to showcase direct and portfolio investments

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s Colombo Stock Exchange, the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce and the Board of Investment will host a virtual forum to showcase investment opportunities from April 06 to April 08, 2021 in a bid to boost the economy.

“The virtual forum will be organized considering the convenience of investors based in multiple time zones and will feature an eminent line-up of speakers, presenters and panellists including policy makers and business leaders…,” the Colombo Stock Exchange said.

“It will also facilitate investors to engage one on one with key project owners and leading listed companies.”

The Colombo Stock Exchange said the event will draw high-net-worth individuals and institutional investors from around the world.

It will discuss the macroeconomic landscape in Sri Lanka and will highlight all major projects and ventures open for direct investment while also featuring CSE listed companies.

The BOI, CSE and CCC represent our Government, our Capital Markets and our Private Sector, the most significant custodians of the economy – and this is a historic coming together of key stakeholders to holistically promote Sri Lanka as an investment destination,” BOI Chairman Sanjaya Mohottala said.

He said many policy changes had been done, and the global community would be made aware of the economic fundamentals and that there was a much more conducive investment climate.

CSE Chairman Dumith Fernando was quoted as saying that portfolio investors were keen to understand the macro-economic policy direction and the forum was structured to provide it.

He said the CSE had engaged investors through many Invest Sri Lanka forums, and the new forum would deliver a more complete picture for prospective investors in the CSE.

Hans Wijayasuriya, Chairman of the Ceylon Chamber of Commerce said under its Sri Lanka Economic Acceleration Framework (SEAF), the Chamber expected a 6-7 percent growth rate which will result in Sri Lanka’s gross domestic product reaching 127.5 billion dollars by 2026.





“Foreign investment inflows in the forms of FDI as well as Portfolio investments are pivotal levers in achieving this aspiration,” he said.

“Equally, the uplifting of foreign investment inflows, in tandem with parallel initiatives of the public and private sectors to bolster exports, domestic production and competitiveness will be foundational in bolstering Sri Lanka’s macro-economic indices.”

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