Sri Lanka tourism earnings grow faster than arrivals: data

COLOMBO (EconomyNext) – Sri Lanka’s tourism arrivals grew 29 percent to 1.94 billion US dollars in the 11 months to November 2014 while arrivals grew at a slower 20.3 percent, official data showed.

The data published by the Central Bank said in the month of November alone arrivals grew 9.4 percent to 119,727, earnings grew at a faster 17.4 percent to 173 million US dollar.

The tourism earnings are not estimated by the Central Bank itself but by the tourism promotion agency, where questions were raised after last year’s arrivals were suddenly revised upwards at the end of the year.

Sri Lanka has welcomed 1.38 million tourists this year, up from 1.12 million in the eleven months to November 2011.
Sri Lanka has seen steep increases in tourist arrivals after the end of a civil war in 2009 and large number of formal and informal hotels have come up.

This year’s winter season has been somewhat dampened by presidential elections announced for January 2015, with November arrivals falling from a peak in October.

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