Sri Lanka tourist arrivals down 1.8-pct in July

ECONOMYENXT – Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals fell 1.8 percent from a year earlier to 205,482 in July 2017 with visitors from China, Maldives and Russia down, and anaemic growth from other generating markets.

After surging 17.5 percent in April, with the re-opening of a partially closed airport, arrivals fell 2.5 percent in May and grew only 4.5 percent in June.

In the first seven months of the year, arrivals have grown only 3.6 percent to 1.17 million visitors. Sri Lanka’s tourist authorities were targeting 2.5 million arrivals for 2017, almost a 25 percent increase.

Chinese arrivals fell 7.1 percent to 28,445 in July after also falling in June 13 percent. In the first seven months total arrivals were down 0.2 percent to 163,189.

Visitors from Japan grew 10.8 percent to 4,025, Philippines grew 14.4 percent to 1,207 but Malaysia fell 32 percent to 1,628.

Visitors from India, grew 4.8 percent to 29,006, with arrivals up to July up just 0.7 percent to 201,900.

Western European visitors grew 3.9 percent to 80,896 with arrivals from UK down 1.6 percent to 23,553, Germany down 1.2 percent 10,835. French visitors rose 4 percent to 11,390 and Dutch visitors rose 22.9 percent to 11,990.

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