Sri Lanka tourist arrivals down 2.5-pct in March

ECONOMYNEXT – Sri Lanka’s tourist arrivals rose 3.4 percent to 604,953 in the first quarter of March 2016 despite a daytime closure of the main airport but arrivals in March fill 2.5 percent to 188,076  data from the tourism promotion office showed.

Visitors from India dropped 10.3 percent to 27,075 in March, Maldives dropped 10 percent to 8,076, and Pakistan also dropped 10.4 percent to 2,433, taking South Asian arrivals down 9.9 percent to 39,804.

Chinese tourists rose 12.9 percent to 22,172, visitors from Japan rose 4.8 percent to 4,271.

Indonesian visitors rose 82.9 percent to 3,677, amid wider air links.

Visitors from Western Europe dropped 6.2 percent to 65,640 with the Netherlands rising 24 percent to 3,043 but UK dropping 9.2 percent to 19,451 and Germany dropping 6.5 percent to 15,207.

In the first quarter, Western European arrivals were up 3.7 percent to 214,910, East Asian arrivals were up 7.4 percent to 128,263. (Colombo/Apr06/2017 – Corrected opening para. March arrivals down – first quarter up.)

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